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14 Nov 5 common myths about security cameras

5 Common Security Camera Myths In the 25+ years that we’ve provided state of the art security needs, we’ve heard our fair share of security camera myths. The great thing about the internet is that anyone can Google anything and be fed instant results. But is...

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Business security tips

04 May Our top 6 business security tips

6 Business Security Tips Having been in business since 1989, we have many business security tips as we understand what it takes to build a business and we understand the long hours, stress and constant worry that often comes with a thriving business. While we understand...

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Home security camera systems

02 Mar Do I need a security camera system?

Do you need a Security Camera System? Working in our line of work, we get asked “do I really need a security camera system?”, quite a few times each day. It’s only natural that people want to feel safer at work and home and do whatever...

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Security Cameras - CCTV Cameras

20 Jan 5 security tips to protect your business in 2017

5 Security Tips to Protect Your Business

Protect Your Business with these 5 Security Tips! Ged, our Managing Director, started this business from the ground up in 1989 so we definitely know and understand what it takes to run a thriving business. After all of the hard work, sweet and tears (yes, running a business is likely to see you experiencing a range of emotions), we know how important it is to ensure your business is protected against everything from crime and property damage, to any other threats that may pop-up.

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