Home Alarm Systems

Quick Guide to Home Alarm Systems

In integral part of any home security system is the actual alarm system. The core components of any home alarm system are the control panel, the detection sensors and the sirens.

Control panel

You could say that the control panel is the brain of the alarm system, as it connects to the detection sensors to enable the monitoring of your home, and it sounds the sirens if an intrusion occurs.


Sensors that help detect any intrusion comes in a wide range of types. Common types of sensors are motion detection based. Other types of sensors are detected by magnetic switches (for example when a door or window is opened this will trigger the alarm).

Other types of sensors can monitor and detect for shock or vibration (for example when window glass is breaking). There are also infrared sensors that can detect changes in infrared heat.


Sirens can be fitted both indoor or outdoor (or both). Outdoor sirens are both visible deterrents, visible to would­be burglars and the sound they generate alerts your neighbours of an intrusion into your home. An indoor siren will sound to let you know if someone has

entered your home while you are there.

More features

Home Security Alarm SydneyOther features a modern home alarm system can be installed and fitted with includes:

  • Remote arming and disarming
  • Wired and wireless options
  • Smoke alarm integration
  • Back to base alarm monitoring service

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