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Intercom Systems to Protect Your Business

An intercom is one of the simplest measures you can take to control access to your business. Intercoms are a device that is the first point of contact for visitors to your business, wanted or unwanted. Everyone that wants access through the door or gate the intercom is controlling must first present to the intercom where you can screen them before they enter. Whether it’s audio, video or an integrated intercom, a high-quality intercom is a valuable addition to any businesses security system. Perfect for providing a contact point for deliveries at a locked loading bay, at a carpark or perimeter gate for visitors or internally for between room use, intercoms have great utility and viability in multiple areas of a business.

Business Intercom Services at NES

At NES we have experience with intercoms of all types and are also licensed to install telephone systems. This means we can connect an intercom station to a telephone or mobile phone, as well as to other intercom stations. These can be centrally controlled through the building’s access control system, and managed by your own security staff or National Electronic Security. With a centrally operated access control system you gain a greater advantage over intruders, allowing you to directly control your multiple entry and exit points.

Speak to Experts in Intercoms in Sydney

When you need to secure your business from threats you need the extensive experience of NES. We know how to design and install reliable systems that suit unique requirements and budgets. Contact us today on 1800 300 870 or enquire online for a committed and professional installation of your intercom system.