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Home Intercom System for your Sydney Home


Home Intercom System Sydney - Ever had unwanted people and strangers showing up at your front door and wish you had a home intercom system? If so you may be looking to upgrade your security. National Security is here to help with the installation of home intercom systems in Sydney.

Find out who is at the front door with a home intercom system. Having home intercom systems installed gives you that extra peace of mind when it comes to security, plus it adds convenience, allowing you to know when packages arrive and escape the grasp of door-to-door salesman.

With an intercom, you can find out exactly, there and then, who is at your front door,

which is particularly good if it’s late at night and/or you are not expecting guests or deliveries.

An intercom system not only enables people to tighten the security measures of their homes but it also prevents unwanted or unwelcome visitors, like those casing a home for burglary.

An intercom is a two­way communication system that lets you identify visitors before letting them in. The convenience of being able to find out who the visitor is, is another benefit of an intercom system.

Modern intercom systems offer crisp audio and clear, up­close pixel-perfect video images. So, you can both hear and see who is there at the door, before letting the person in.

Combine an intercom with a home access control system and you can remotely and safely unlock doors and gates.

Home Intercom Services at NES


If you want to install a home intercom system at your property, then we can help. National Electronic Security (NES) are one of the most experienced home intercom system installers in Sydney.