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Unlike other security companies in Sydney, National Security realises the ever-present need for hands-on security. Ensure the ongoing security and integrity of your property with a high visibility security patrol. National Electronic Security patrols are a perfect way to provide a protective deterrent for any property left vacant out of business hours or during holiday periods.

Security Companies Sydney - Security Patrols SydneyYou can’t always protect your premises from theft, property damage, vandalism and other criminal activities. If it’s 8 P.M. on a dark winter’s Friday night and you and your staff have locked up and left, there is little you can do to deter criminals beyond trusting in the quality of your security system. If a criminal does decide to target your property they will undoubtedly choose a timeframe when few people are around to disturb them.

Adding a security patrol from NES means an additional proactive layer in your approach to security. It means not giving criminals these windows of opportunity, because you will be supported by a vigilant and experienced NES employee.

Our mobile patrols can visit your property to a non-predictive schedule or as a one-time service. This means we can detect and deter possible security threats for those times that you can’t, or aren’t around to, deal with them.
*Please note every commercial requirement is different but $8 is the starting weekly monitoring investment.

Visits to Secure Your Site

With Sydney wide coverage we can watch over your property to ensure the integrity of the perimeter and all potential entry points. When we visit a site we will check your alarm systems, the locks on your doors, gates and windows, as well as generally assess the immediate vicinity. Ensuring that your property is secure at its most vulnerable times.

In the case of breaches or property damage, we will contact the relevant authorities and wait onsite for their arrival. Ultimately helping them narrow down vital investigative elements, such as time of entry. Contact National Electronic Security today and see why we are one of the best security companies in Sydney.

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Ready to proactively protect your property with a mobile patrol? Contact us on 1800 300 870 or enquire online, and we’ll arrange a patrol to suit your location, schedule and needs.