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Discover a high resolution solution for your retail shop, office or warehouse. We supply and install leading brands such as Mobotix.


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Nothing protects your property like an active, high visibility security patrol. Find out how a patrol can prevent criminal activity.

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Back to Base Alarm Monitoring, Home Security System Installation and More

Home Security Systems Sydney - Alarm Security Systems Sydney

For security systems in Sydney that are custom designed and installed to your requirements, National Electronic Security (NES) are here to provide quality security systems in Sydney. Our commitment to quality outcomes for our clients and our comprehensive knowledge of leading technologies set us apart. With over 30 years of industry experience, and an extensive history of law enforcement experience and knowledge beyond that, we know how to provide a feature-packed security system that protects you.

Whether you require back to base alarm monitoring for 24 hour coverage of a business or residential property; are a home owner needing an alarm, intercom or surveillance system installed; or need to protect and deter potential threats to your business through effective security systems, NES can help. We provide quality solutions installed with impeccable attention to detail, and every installation we do meets our high standards.
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Alongside our security system design and installation services we offer security patrols and consulting. Our security patrols are manned by diligent and approachable personnel. This means a trustworthy, high visibility deterrent to patrol your community. Our security consultants are licenced and certified professionals who can help you get the most out of the security system on your Sydney premises.

Ready to discuss your unique needs? Simply call us on 1800 300 870 or enquire online. We’ll help you discover the options suitable to you, and keep you a step ahead of potential threats.

Security Systems FAQs

Why are close circuit television (CCTV) systems an invaluable tool in protecting your business and its assets?

They enable you to (but not limited to)

  • Visually verify who and at what time people accessed your property
  • Monitor restricted areas
  • Deter criminals from both external and internal sources.
Why are back-to-base alarms good for your business?

Not just a siren. When a fire or break-in our grade A1 response centre mean that you are protected 24/7. Someone will attempt contact with you and deal with the problem if you’re not available.

At National Electronic Security we can fit all sorts of security systems in Sydney. We can fit motion sensors, door/window contacts, smoke alarms and shock sensors, Glass break detectors. all customised depending on your needs

What is access control technology?

Restrict access to either your whole facility or certain parts of your facility to certain staff or the public through the use of PIN/password keypads, fingerprint scanning, swipe cards and key tags. You have a legal record of who is coming and going.

How do multi-purpose intercoms help protect your business?

They provide a contact point for deliveries and/or visitors to locked loading bay/car park.
They give your staff peace of mind that nobody can just walk in.
The intercoms can be Video Intercom or Audio only.

What are the essential components of home security systems in Sydney?

A system that allows:

  • Remote arming and disarming
  • Wired and wireless sensor options
  • Pet immune Motion Detectors.
  • Door and window sensors
  • Motion and shock sensors
  • Glass break Detectors
  • Panic Buttons (police or Medical)
What do your mobile patrols check when they check your business?

When we visit your site we

  • Check your alarm system
  • The locks on doors, gates and windows
  • Assess the immediate vicinity for any suspicious activity
  • Patrol at random times.
What are the core features of a home security system?

Typical security systems in Sydney are composed of the following items:

  • Control panel – the brain of the alarm system, connecting monitoring sensors to the alarm
  • Backup Battery. Housed in the control Panel it can power the alarm if AC is cut off.
  • Sensors – used to detect when an incursion has happened. The most common type of sensor is Motion detection based. Others use magnetic switches to detect Windows or doors opening or infrared to detect changes in heat
  • Sirens – used both as an audible alert but also as a visual deterrent.
  • Other – More advanced features can be fitted such as remote arming and disarming, wired and wireless, smoke alarms and back-to-base monitoring.
Why should I choose National Electronic Security to secure my home and/or business?

For over 30 years we have been installing and designing our cutting edge security systems using our qualified and  licensed technicians. Each of our security systems are installed to suit your requirements.

Over the years we’ve carefully broadened our services, to add value to what we can offer our new and existing clients. Also we honestly care about the wellbeing of our clients.

What should I do if my house has been broken into?

Your personal safety is the most important thing. Ensure that you are safe, if you are unsure as to whether the intruder is still in your home find a safe place (either at  neighbours or down the street away from your house). Then  immediately call the police. Don’t touch anything until the police arrive (you could contaminate vital evidence).

Why do I need an alarm system?

Most break-ins occur between 10am and 3pm, when most people are away from home.

The physical presence of an alarm (the visual presence of security cameras or even the alarm itself) acts as a deterrent. The damage and items stolen can also be greatly reduced especially if you use a monitored alarm solution.

Do I need a phone line to go Back to Base?

The answer is NO. Talk to us about the Permaconn Solution. It’s the perfect alternative and is very secure.

Will the NBN make a difference to my Back to Base alarm?

Yes. Alarms won’t work on the NBN network. Again talk to us about the Permaconn Solution. It’s the perfect alternative and is very secure.

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