Are you making these 5 business security mistakes?

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11 Oct Are you making these 5 business security mistakes?

5 Common Business Security Mistakes to Avoid

As we head into the festive season, it’s essential to avoid these business security mistakes and ensure that your business security needs are being met before you and your staff head off on holidays. We understand that business owners are under the pump but one thing you don’t want to do is ignore your security needs until it’s too late.

Our experienced team at National Electronic Security have put together our top 5 business security mistakes that we see businesses making when we first make contact with new clients.

Mistake #1: Failing to know and understand your security needs 

There is no one size fits all approach to business security. While we always recommend business alarm monitoring, each business has different needs in terms of security. It’s important that you find the right security company who is qualified and will take the time to discuss your business’ unique needs with you. This is the only way that a customised security plan can be devised. Remember, you live and breathe your business so it can be hard to pinpoint the specific areas that require your attention when it comes to security so it’s best to seek outside help.

Mistake #2: Not installing adequate lighting

Thieves are opportunistic. They’re constantly on the hunt for that one location that fails to adequately light all building entries and exists. We suggest that even when your business is closed, you keep a few lights on inside so that no one is ever 100 per cent sure if someone is inside the building or not. This is one of those finer details we see tripping businesses up far too often. 

Mistake #3: Ignoring security needs regarding doors and windows

If your main entry door is flimsy, it requires your immediate attention. You need a door constructed from sturdy material – in other words, from metal or solid wood. Keep in mind that doors with glass panels allow people to peek in and can be easily shattered. If you have a garage door, secure it with a padlock. As far as windows go, double glazing is ideal and try to place things in front of them so that people can’t look into the building. Always double-check that window and door locks are closed when they’re meant to be.

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Mistake #4: Poor management of staff in terms of security measures

Your first question to any staff member responsible for opening or closing your business should be: are you comfortable with this added responsibility? If they are, only give keys or security codes to key personnel and you should have unique keys and codes for each team member for tracking purposes. Ideally, no staff member should be opening or closing your business on their own as this poses added risks.

Mistake #5: Failing to install business alarm monitoring

Business alarm monitoring is a business security essential. Having an alarm where a siren or loud noise sounds simply isn’t enough. We work alongside our clients to devise a suitable solution for them. Often, this includes motion sensors, door/window contacts, smoke alarms and shock sensors. Business alarm monitoring arms you with peace of mind and your investment starts at just $8 per week. You can learn more about the various security options available to businesses here.

When it comes to your business’ security, you should never cut corners. Here, we’ve pointed out a number of security measures but as mentioned, your business security strategy needs to be tailored to your business’ specific needs.

To chat about your business’ needs with our team, get in touch with us today.