Can a home security system help to keep your house safe this festive season?

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15 Dec Can a home security system help to keep your house safe this festive season?

Home Security System – For the Festive Season

A home security system is important! Especially during the festive season. The countdown to Christmas is well and truly on! As mentioned in last month’s blog, it’s not unusual at this time of the year for people to pay us a visit to ask us about their security options. This year, we’ve seen a spike in requests for information about home security systems in particular. 

We don’t have to look too hard to see why either. We all care about protecting our home and valuables and if your house has ever been broken into before, you’ll understand how it feels. Both in terms of the loss of your valuables and the invasion of your privacy. 

While it’s true that protecting and securing their home are the primary reasons people often ask about home security systems, it may surprise you to learn about some other benefits. Our team has put together our top additional benefits when installing a home security system below.

Remote access to your home

A lot of people love this time of the year because they head away with their family and/or loved ones for a couple of weeks. Having remote access to your home arms you with peace of mind when you can’t physically be in your home to see and know that everything is fine. Depending on the system, you can monitor various things such as door locks, lights and so on. This is where chatting with your provider is so important so that your needs and expectations are met. Oh, and if you have kids that are old enough to be left alone at home, you can also check-in on them in real-time to make sure everything’s okay every now and then.  

Fire protection 

We live in a fairly hot climate that sees temperatures sizzling in summer. While home security systems are great to protect your home from burglars, they’re great for fire protection too. A good system will be able to provide you with an early warning sign in relation to smoke in your home, while also raising your attention about rising heat sources. This gives you more time to try to save your house in a worst scenario.

They can be beneficial in relation to health 

A lot of people live alone or have elderly friends/relatives who they may want to keep an eye on, particularly if they suffer from medical conditions. Home security systems can be set up with emergency pulls or alerts that can be used to send emergency vehicles directly to homes. We’re seeing more and more requests for these facilities from concerned adult children who have elderly parents and want to know they’ll get assistance quickly in the event of an emergency. 

Pet protection

For those of us who have one or more pet in our lives, we know they’re part of the family. Unfortunately, there are times when your cute pooch or cat (or whatever other animal you have) just can’t come along with you. At this time of the year, a lot of people are attending Christmas and New Year celebrations and a home security system allows you to quickly check in on your pet to ensure they’re okay.

At the end of the day, no amount of money can buy peace of mind. When you’re discussing your home security system needs with your provider, it’s essential to have an open and honest conversation to ensure you get what you need to out of your system.

We’ve only scratched the surface here in terms of how a home security system can benefit you and your family. Get in touch with our team now to have a conversation about your security related needs.

Before we head off for the holidays, we’d like to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We’ll see you in 2017!