Our top 6 business security tips

Business security tips

04 May Our top 6 business security tips

6 Business Security Tips

Having been in business since 1989, we have many business security tips as we understand what it takes to build a business and we understand the long hours, stress and constant worry that often comes with a thriving business. While we understand that business security may not be your priority or at the top of your ‘to do’ list, it really is essential that it’s considered and that a strategy is put in place before it’s too late. Regardless of the state you’re based in, Melbourne, Sydney or elsewhere, it’s important to be on the front foot in terms of business security.

The great news is that you can beef-up business security by following some pretty simple tips that are relatively easy and cost-effective to implement. We highly recommend you speak to us about a tailored business security strategy.

Here are our top 6 tips to help you get started!

1: Ensure your electronic security is up-to-date

We work with businesses to implement a business security system that covers all necessary basis to protect your business, while also being cost-effective. From high resolution IP and Mobotix CCTV, to monitored alarms, access controls tailored to your business and multi-purpose intercoms, we focus on your specific needs.

2: Pay attention to lighting

Whether you’re in Sydney, Perth or even overseas, thieves tend to operate similarly. Often, they’ll scan areas and look for poorly lit locations to target. Pay particular attention to exits and entryways – if you’re worried about energy usage, have a think about using sensor lights. We recommend always leaving a few lights on inside a building as well as it looks as though someone may be inside.

3: Are your windows and doors secure?

We’ve been into a lot of businesses and you’d be surprised at how many times we see fairly flimsy security doors out the front. Garage doors are also high risk and should be secured with a padlock at all times. We suggest you invest in a door that’s constructed from sturdy material and don’t forget about any glass on your door. It’s best to ensure it is reinforced so that the glass can’t be broken easily. As far as windows go, they are actually one of the easiest ways that a criminal can enter your building, especially if you’re not up on a height. Burglar-resistant glazing is ideal, while roller shutters are another solid choice that’ll help you to increase business security in Sydney. Don’t forget to check how close door knobs/locks are to your windows as well – if a window is smashed, can they be reached? You’d be surprised at how creative criminals can be!

4: Manage security internally wisely

We all need to trust our staff to some extent and while we’re not saying you shouldn’t trust your team by giving them keys and access codes, both should only be handed to key personnel. Additionally, you should be keeping track of each key/code for tracking purposes – if any key is lost, it’s imperative that all relevant locks are changed as soon as possible.

5: Be wary of social media           

Just as we caution home owners about being aware of what they’re posting on social media, business owners need to tread cautiously here too. Most of us have more than just our real friends on social media and this is even more likely if you’re running any business pages. Be careful that what you’re posting isn’t accidentally arming potential thieves with knowledge about when you won’t be in town (and under-staffed) and so on.

6: Keep your business front as tidy as possible

Nothing is more inviting to a criminal than a business front that looks untidy. The neater and cleaner looking you keep your business front, the less likely a potential burglar will be in seeking to disturb the peace. Pay particular attention to any garden areas – take care of any overgrown trees or shrubs that make it harder for people to see what’s happening easily.

As we head into June and the end of the financial year, now is the perfect time to look into your business security needs. It’s best to speak to your accountant for specific advice but generally speaking, all companies turning over less than $10 million, can claim a tax deduction on any assets, including business security, up to $20,000. This must be done ahead of June 30th for this financial year.

We’d love to assist you with your unique business security needs. Our security experts have extensive experience across numerous industries and we know how to design and install reliable business security systems. From CCTV systems, access control or intercom systems to alarms, we focus on what will work best for your unique business needs. While we’re based in Sydney, we have clients Australia-wide. To get the discussion started, contact us today.