8 easy ways that instantly make your home safer

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12 Apr 8 easy ways that instantly make your home safer

8 Ways to Instantly Make Your Home Safer

In order to make your home safer, it comes down to your security systems, and nothing beats a back to base alarm system. However, there are certainly a number of effective extra precautions you can take that’ll help to make your home safer.

We’ve been in business for almost 30 years now and as you can imagine, we’ve seen some things in our time. Our team have put our heads together to devise our top 8 ways, in addition to using home security systems, to make your home safer.

#1: Don’t let your mail or junk mail collect

Ever walked past a home and noticed that the mail/junk mail is overflowing? Indirectly, this tells people that no one’s been at home for a while. It’s the kind of sign an opportunistic thief is looking for!

#2: Make your Home Safer by making sure it is well lit

Thieves hate lighting – the more well-lit your house is, especially the front area and garden where traffic and locals are passing by, the more secure it is. If you’re concerned about your energy usage, you can always get sensor lights.

#3: Don’t overshare what you’re doing on social media

We get it: telling all of your friends about your upcoming trip or posting pictures of your holiday on social media, is a lot of fun. But so many of us are friends on social channels like Facebook or Twitter with people we hardly know. Don’t make it easy for people to know when your house is likely to be left unattended.

#4: Put stickers on your car

A good home security system should be able to detect and monitor all areas of your house, including your garage and driveway where you may park your car. In addition to this, remember that anything that makes your car more easily identifiable and harder for anyone to re-sell, definitely works in your favour. If you love your footy team or a certain TV show, have a little bit of fun and decorate your vehicle!

#5: Maintain your garden

Take a good look at your front garden. Do you have any overgrown or large bushes, shrubs or trees that may make it just that little bit easier for a burglar to enter your house without being noticed? Pay particular attention to your doors and any windows. Not to mention, a garden that is left untouched might make others think you’re on holiday

#6: Be mindful of any mirrors near your front door

If you’ve got a mirror near the front of your house, have a peek from the outside of your house, looking in. With the wrong positioning at play, intruders or sticky beaks might be able to see when your alarm hasn’t been set (of course, once you leave the house, that’s something you want to avoid doing but setting the alarm has slipped everyone’s mind at some point). Of course, a badly placed mirror can also enable a thief to see what code you enter, especially if looking in with binoculars from a distance.

Glass doors and windows

#7: If you’re going on a holiday, don’t forget about your newspaper subscriptions

Sure, it’s pretty old school to get hardcopy newspapers delivered to your house these days but a portion of people still do. If this describes you, think ahead and cancel any subscriptions delivered to your house. Like mail/junk mail, they’ll only collect outside your home and signal you’re not there. If you forget, ask a friendly neighbour to collect them for you while you’re away.

#8: Be aware and alert at all times

We know it’s terribly unnerving but the reality is, most thieves do their homework before pouncing. This means they’re likely to watch people and houses over a period of time. Be aware, be alert and think about your actions ahead of time (for instance, when packing suitcases into a car, do so inside your house if possible).

Sure, there are even more tips we can pass on that will help to keep your home and loved ones safe. Nothing beats a quality back to base home security alarm system. Think of it as an investment into your family’s safety and home security. It really does make all the difference!

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