Do I need a security camera system?

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02 Mar Do I need a security camera system?

Do you need a Security Camera System?

Working in our line of work, we get asked “do I really need a security camera system?”, quite a few times each day. It’s only natural that people want to feel safer at work and home and do whatever they can to help to protect themselves against burglaries and theft of all kinds.

Like most areas, there’s a lot of misinformation and misunderstandings out there about security camera systems. Unfortunately, TV shows such as NCIS and CSI, have resulted in many people having unrealistic expectations of what a good security camera system can and cannot do. We’re incredibly excited about how far technology is moving in this space but affordability means that the average security camera system won’t be able to achieve what the TV leads us to believe. In our books, if in doubt, always ask to ensure you’re on the same page as your security company.

Over the last 25 years and counting, we’ve provided advice and support to both Australian families and businesses. Our team at National Electronic Security has put together some vital factors to consider that will help you to confidently answer whether or not you need a security camera system that is backed up by a back-to-base alarm system.

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It doesn’t matter where you live or where your business is based

We see a lot of people coming to us after they’ve noticed a spike in burglaries and generally poor behaviour in the area where their home/business is. Why not think ahead and put precautions in place before this becomes an issue? High crime rate areas can range from inner city and industrial areas where there’s lots of activity constantly, to areas that tend to be very quiet at certain times of the day and during the night. Getting a camera that is backed up by a back to base alarm system arms you with peace of mind regardless of where you live or work. Of course, if you know you have a lot of valuable items in these areas (jewellery, electronics etc), this only adds to your need for quality security. It might just make the difference between your home or business being protected or being targeted.

You’re keen to keep an eye on those living/working in your locations

A lot of young families come to us looking for a security camera system because they want to keep an eye on their babysitter or anyone else entering their house for any reason. It’s a reality for many that their teenagers are home alone for decent chunks of time – you can never be too careful with your loved ones. Likewise, a lot of business owners like to check in on their staff members via a mobile device while they’re not present and ensure they’re as safe as possible. Security camera systems arm you with power in all of these situations because they allow you to see what’s going on when you can’t physically be at home or at your workplace.

You spend a lot of time away from your business/home

If there is no one at home for the majority of the day, security camera systems are a must. Likewise, if you happen to travel quite a bit, that means your house is largely empty. We know that robberies take place after people examine patterns and while a camera may not prevent someone from breaking in, at least you’ll have footage for the police to work with. The same applies to any business space left unattended for numerous hours a day.

Implementing a good security system that is backed up by a back-to-base alarm system isn’t about being alarmed: it’s about being aware and informed about what’s taking place around you and doing as much as you can to protect your home, business and loved ones.

Before investing in any type of security camera system, we suggest you seek out advice from people like us who’ve been in the business a long time and will be able to advise you according to your specific needs and requirements. Contact us or give us a call on 1800 300 870.