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24 Jan Home Security Services We Offer

Home Security Services Offered by NES At National Electronic Security, we offer state of the art home security in Sydney to protect your homes from criminal acts. The most common criminal acts against Sydney residences are not predetermined, they are more likely to be opportunistic crimes...

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12 Nov How Our Security Consultants Can Help You

Our Security Consultants at NES Can Help At National Electronic Security, our security consultants in Sydney can effectively protect your daily operations from vulnerabilities with our 25 years of experience and expertise in security consulting. Our security consultants in Sydney are available to discuss how you...

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12 Oct Why Back to Base Monitoring Is Important

Importance of Back to Base Monitoring National Electronic Security offers back to base monitoring in Sydney homes, providing your home or business with around the clock protection. This is possible due to the constant supervision of your home and if an alarm sound is triggered, instant...

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CCTV System

21 Aug 5 things you need to know about CCTV systems

5 Things About CCTV Systems Now that CCTV systems are more accessible and cost-effective, they’re also becoming more common, especially in residential properties. Short for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), when we refer to CCTV systems, we’re talking about a system of security cameras set up within...

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