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24 Jan Home Security Services We Offer

Home Security Services Offered by NES

At National Electronic Security, we offer state of the art home security in Sydney to protect your homes from criminal acts. The most common criminal acts against Sydney residences are not predetermined, they are more likely to be opportunistic crimes where a thief spots their potential target just prior to engaging in theft, vandalism or property damage. There are several reasons why criminals target residences, some reasons include:

  • The large number of entry points at a varied security level
  • Homes are vacant for long periods of the day, according to NSW Police statistics the most vulnerable hours fall between 6 am and 6 pm
  • Gardens and fences provide cover for intruders as they attempt to gain access
  • Your belongings are small, valuable and easy to steal and transport (jewellery, electronics, etc.)

By increasing your home’s preventative measures by implementing one of our high-quality home security systems that helps to reduce the opportunities presented to thieves by:

  • Securing entrances with effective alarms and sensors
  • Providing deterrents that make your home less of an attractive target
  • Giving you more control over who enters your property
  • Providing a reliable way to guard your home when you aren’t around

We offer a wide range of services for home security in Sydney such as:

  • Home security systems in Sydney for everyday use.

This protects your home during times when:

  • You work regular hours, leaving your home unguarded during the day
  • You are leaving Sydney on an extended holiday, with your property left unoccupied
  • Vandalism or graffiti is occurring in your neighbourhood
  • Home alarms, sensors and back to base monitoring.

These include reliable security systems such as:

  • Remote arming and disarming
  • Wired and wireless options
  • Motion sensors, door/window sensors and shock sensors
  • Smoke alarm integration
  • High resolution CCTV, mobotix and more.

This allows you to protect your Sydney property from:

  • Monitoring vulnerable or secluded entrances to your home
  • Capturing footage of any incidents that do occur, helping authorities solve any criminal activity that happens on your property
  • Deterring criminals; the sight of a properly installed and active CCTV system can have a powerful preventative effect on criminals.
  • Access controls for doors and gates:
  •  Controlling who enters and exits your property is a valuable tool to have when protecting your home.
  • Intercom monitoring with one press of a button.

A high quality intercom that allows you to identify exactly who is at your door or gate with just a press of a button, and is useful when:

  • It’s late at night
  • You have a long or extended driveway
  • You aren’t expecting visitors or service providers.