Why Back to Base Monitoring Is Important


12 Oct Why Back to Base Monitoring Is Important

Importance of Back to Base Monitoring

National Electronic Security offers back to base monitoring in Sydney homes, providing your home or business with around the clock protection. This is possible due to the constant supervision of your home and if an alarm sound is triggered, instant reports from the breach will be sent to our Grade 1A control room with information about exact times and whereabouts of the trigger. This means we can promptly dispatch trained personnel to evaluate the cause of the alarm call and respond accordingly, whether it was genuine or not.

You can rely on our back to base monitoring system to protect your home when no one else can. Whether you are going away on a holiday, or protecting your business and assets after hours. At National Electronic Security, we have extensive knowledge and experience in the installation of the highest quality security systems on offer and monitoring a large range of alarms. Rest assured, your property is in safe hands as it is in our best interest to provide a proactive and responsive approach to security and ensure that no alarm call is ever ignored.

By installing our professional back-to-base monitoring service, you no longer have to leave the supervision of your home in the hands of your neighbours or other bystanders who aren’t certain to be around or awake if your alarms were to sound. Instead, we can assure that your home will be covered all day and night with 24hr monitored protection and a predetermined response plan to address the trigger immediately.

We also offer back to base monitoring for Sydney businesses to protect the property of your business from intrusion, vandalism and burglary. Our service is extremely reliable for businesses, so you can relax during the most vulnerable times after hours when everything has been locked up and there is no longer anyone present on the premises. We protect the property of your business from potential criminal activity all year round to ensure there is no window of opportunity for exploitation.

If you need back to base monitoring in Sydney to protect your home or business, be sure to call National Electronic Security today!