6 ways to protect your home while on holiday

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06 Jun 6 ways to protect your home while on holiday

6 Ways to Protect Your Home While on Holidays

Protect your home while on holidays! It’s that time of the year when as the weather gets cooler, a lot of lucky Aussies bid farewell to the chilly season as they head off overseas to enjoy their holiday. Amid all of the excitement of planning their trip, so many people forget about protecting their homes and security systems. Hey, we can’t blame you: we’d rather think about sipping cocktails on the beach over home security too! Unfortunately, opportunistic thieves aren’t too fussed about mucking up your holiday and are more than happy to leave you with a horrible welcome-home gift (an empty house).

Don’t worry, we’ve got 6 best tips that’ll help to keep your home safe while you sail away into the sunset.

Tip #1: Back to base alarm monitoring for your home

Cover yourself day and night, whether you’re physically at home or not, with a home security system that delivers peace of mind. Not only can you check in on your home via your Smartphone at any time with a back to base alarm, our monitoring centre watches over your property. Once the alarm is triggered, our team actions your predetermined response plan promptly. Everyone’s plan is different and we spend a lot of time working alongside you to determine your unique needs.

Tip #2: Stay away from social media and be careful who you talk to

We understand how badly you want to post that picture of you on the beach to show your colleagues that while they’re working, you’re enjoying a swim but think of the consequences. You’re basically broadcasting the fact that your house has been left unattended. Be careful about what you say on social media, who you tell about your holiday in general and other easy tip-offs like leaving a message on your phone that you’re not going to be at home during certain dates.

Tip #3: Organise timers on lights

Nothing screams a vacant home more than a house bathed in darkness 24/7. Choose a few rooms in your house where lights come on at a certain time and do the same with your outdoor or garden lights. Pay particular attention to entrances and any areas that are especially visible to passers-by.

Putting timers on lights before going on holiday break

Tip #4: Ask a neighbour to collect your mail and put out your bins each week

Most of us have that trusty neighbour who we can ask to collect our mail and take a quick peek at our property every now and again. Ask them to take out your bins each week as that’s another easy giveaway for prying eyes. And here’s a big one: you know how in TV shows you see people leaving a spare key in the letterbox or underneath a welcome mat outside the front door? Don’t do it! Especially when you’re going to be away for an extended period – hand any spare keys you have to your neighbour or a trusted family member. It’s all about beefing up your existing home security systems!

Tip #5: Take all of your valuables away

We’ve mentioned this one before: if you have valuables that are worth a lot of money or are important to you, get a safe for extra protection. For items you don’t use all the time, consider storing them in a bank safety deposit box.

Tip #6: Disconnect your garage door

This one may seem straight out of the movies but it’s not: universal remotes can be used to open certain garage door brands. You’re far better off disconnecting the technology that opens your garage door and going with an old school manual lock until you’re back from your trip. Holidays are meant to be fun and there’s nothing worse than arriving home only to find a nasty surprise waiting for you. With the right home security systems in place and by taking a few extra precautions, you’re doing everything within your power to keep your home safe while you’re away. Planning a trip and wanting to increase your existing security system? Contact us to talk to the experts at National Electronic Security to protect your home while on holidays.