5 signs your home security system needs an update

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13 Apr 5 signs your home security system needs an update

Signs That Your Home Security System Needs an Update

The rapid evolution of technology means that advancements in home security systems are taking place on a regular basis. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you that home security systems are a ‘set and forget’ exercise. Just as you have to change your Smartphone every so often, you also need to pay attention to the latest updates to ensure your home is as secure as possible.

Our team has put together our list of the top 5 signs that a home security system needs an update.

#1. The NBN has recently been installed in your postcode

One of the most common things our team is seeing on the road are customers failing to realise how having the National Broadband Network (NBN) installed in their suburb directly impacts home security systems. If you know your alarm relies on dated Telstra phone lines, that’s a major warning sign because it means your alarm no longer works once the NBN is installed in your area. You can read about how Permaconn is a great solution if you find yourself in this situation here.

#2. The cameras in use are low-res

Cameras commonly come into play with CCTV where they are used to transmit a video signal to a specific place to one or more monitor. While the more cameras you have generally mean you’re likely to capture more footage, having low-res cameras in use may backfire because at the end of the day, the footage needs to be visible and of good quality, for it to be useful. If you’re keen to install cameras in your home, we suggest you ask us about the cutting-edge Mobotix range, which is a brand we commonly recommend because it has a great reputation and a brilliant track record with our clients.

#3. Your alarm only works at home

These days, modern alarms allow you to check-in on your home at any time and from anywhere. You can literally be in another country (take your pick) and take a quick look at what’s happening in your home on your Smartphone. If you happen to leave the house and forget to set the alarm (it happens to the best of us), you can also arm and disarm home security systems using the latest technology at the click of a button via your Smartphone.

#4: You rely solely on your alarm for security purposes

Think about the last time an alarm sounded off in your local area… what did you do? Chances are, you didn’t do anything. Reality is, we’re all so used to noises in our neighbourhood and alarms being triggered by things that aren’t thieves, we tend not to go and investigate. Even if we did – what would the average person be able to do? We’re talking about a potentially highly dangerous situation. When it comes to home security systems, it’s always best to have a Strategy in place. National Electronic Security always recommends back-to-base monitoring for homes because they don’t rely on chance encounters and they’re incredibly cost-effective. Basically, once your alarm is triggered, a response plan is actioned depending on your requirements that we discuss working alongside you. They’re also automatically tested on a weekly basis for domestic properties so they really do arm you with peace of mind.

#5. You ignore the home security basics

Once upon a time, many of us left our spare key underneath a garden gnome just in case we lost our keys or got locked out of the house. Those days are long gone. While it’s not about being alarmist, we do need to realise that simple measures such as locking windows and doors and not keeping anything of high value in your home (get a safe or a Bank Safe Deposit box), go a long way towards discouraging opportunistic burglars to pounce on your property if given the chance. As sophisticated as the latest home security systems are, by being cautious, you’re helping to keep your home safe.

At National Electronic Security, we tailor your home or business security plan to suit your unique needs. Armed with almost 30 years’ worth of experience in the industry, we can help to keep your home and business safe. Contact us to discuss your requirements today.