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Business Security Systems – Detect Threats and Protect Your Commercial Activities

We understand that making your business successful takes hard work and dedication, and that leaving it unprotected against crime, property damage and other threats is a risk not worth taking. Whatever your size or industry, when designing and implementing a business security system we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. This is why we take the time to listen, so we can find the right solution to meet your needs and budget. We believe in providing business security systems that are unrivalled in their reliability, so your business is secured against threats 24/7 and well into the future. Business Security SystemsWe will seamlessly integrate the various, proven security components necessary to protect your business in a suitable and cost effective way based on your size, property and industry. Whether you operate a pharmacy and need to secure your stock’s integrity; or operate a commercial office and aim to protect the wellbeing of your tenants, we have options to suit. We source and install quality components, from high-resolution Mobotix cameras, a wide range of alarm sensors to monitored back to base alarm systems. This means when you use National Electronic Security you get a tailored business security system, all designed and set up with our signature attention to detail.
*Please note every commercial requirement is different but $8 is the starting weekly monitoring investment.

High Resolution IP & Mobotix CCTV

When it comes to protecting your business you need solutions that are effective and add real value to your security. At NES we constantly keep up to date with proven business security systems, so we can provide our clients the best. Installing CCTV is a perfect way to secure your business from costly property loss or damage, because it enables you to: Business Security Systems

  • Visually verify who and at what time people accessed your property
  • Monitor vulnerable or restricted areas or entrances
  • Capture criminal incidents, such as violence, theft, trespassing or property damage
  • Deter criminals, with a strong and obvious security presence

We are award winning installers of the latest high resolution IP cameras, including the excellent Mobotix range. With features including:

  • Wide angle-lenses – get a complete view of the areas you need to observe and protect
  • 5 Megapixel High Fidelity – meaning pixel perfect and crisp images allowing you to capture greater details, such as number plates and facial features. Additionally, this allows us more discretion when installing, because we can position your Mobotix CCTV out of reach and risk of tampering, without sacrificing picture quality.
  • Low-light sensitivity and options
  • Exceptional Resilience – able to withstand extreme weather (from -30*C to +50*C) and considerable amounts of force

*Please note every commercial requirement is different but $8 is the starting weekly monitoring investment.

Monitored Alarms, Protect Against Threats

When a break in or fire occurs having a back to base monitored alarm system means your security doesn’t simply stop at a siren. An accurate and properly installed alarm from NES linked to our grade A1 response centre means responsive 24/7 protection with fewer false alarms. We have extensive experience in alarm systems and anti-theft measures, and will assess the solution suitable to you, so your security will work alongside you without hassles. Our solutions are user friendly and can include motion sensors, door/window contacts, smoke alarms and shock sensors depending on your needs.

Access Controls Tailored to Your Business

Ensure your facilities are only accessed by authorised personnel with access control technology. Whether you need to restrict access to certain areas of your property (such as stock rooms), limit contractors or visitors access to business hours only or even trigger a carpark’s “full” sign after a set number of visitors NES can help. We have options suitable for entrances, lifts, carpark gates, storage rooms and more, including:

  • Pin/password keypads
  • Fingerprint scanning
  • Swipe cards
  • Key tags or fobs
Access control Business Security SystemsMulti-Purpose Intercoms

Whether it’s audio, video or an integrated intercom, a high quality intercom is a valuable addition to any security solution. Perfect for providing a contact point for deliveries at a locked loading bay, at a carpark or perimeter gate for visitors or internally for between room use, intercoms have great utility. We have experience with intercoms of all types and are also licensed to install telephone systems. This means we can connect an intercom station to a telephone or mobile phone, as well as to other intercom stations. These can be centrally controlled through the building’s access control system, and managed by your own security staff or National Electronic Security.

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When you need to secure your business from threats you need the extensive experience of NES. We know how to design and install reliable systems that suit unique requirements and budgets. Contact us today on 1800 300 870 or enquire online for a committed and professional service.